Clients sometimes ask us to show some interesting retouches, so we figured we’d let everyone share the fun by showing what happens behind the scenes.

Storytelling photography is fantastic for capturing random and fun moments but it’s a very big challenge for a photographer to also make something artistically special with limited time and limited control on the environment. Although the goal is always to take pictures perfect straight in the camera, there are quite a few situations where a bit of Photoshop magic can really make a (subtle) difference. It’s can be the difference between a we’re-not-going-to-give-this-to-a-client image and this-is-something-spectacular to hang up on a wall or to put into a wedding album.

One hour of photogaphy requires around 3-4 hours of filtering, retouching, and preparing of images. All images we deliver to clients are images that we are proud of (and we’re the toughest judges of our own work!). All images receive at least some basic editing (cropping, color correction, removing objects, adding some punch) and a lot will receive some extra love and attention. We’re set on offering our clients fantastic quality in everything we do.

So don’t worry your photography, we (and Photoshop) have got you covered no matter what happens. All you have to do is to have a lot of fun!