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Your happiness comes first

We’ve learned very quickly that in order to create good wedding photos the most important is that you enjoy yourselves. Instead of doing your preparations alone surround yourself with your bestest friends, put on some music, and open a small bottle of champagne. This way instead of ending up with just with a couple of pictures with little emotional value, you (and a few people around you as well) will end up having a great time, you’ll have great (and more) memories, and you’ll have lots of fun pictures packed with emotions.

This is the core of how we love to work and what we love to provide our clients (based on the hundreds of weddings we’ve experienced):

Create happiness and special moments

The First Look

One of the most emotional moments is the first time you get to see one another. There’s something magical about it and fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends all get deeply moved when they see the bride in her dress.


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if you don’t plan a little bit of times

Wedding albums

An average wedding album is 40-50 pages. Price is around 500-1000€, with the average being around 800€.


Show before after pictures

About us

Do you have crazy wishes like underwater photography, a helicopter ride, your wedding ceremony in a balloon, or a super romantic wedding with no guests? No problem at all! The crazier the better. Yes, we also do normal weddings:)

Full service photographers

The Team


How much will it cost to hire us? The price for a full day from the preparations to the cake (or midnight, whichever comes first) is 2000€. This includes an online gallery and the digital files and transportation costs up to two hours of driving away and pre-wedding meetings.

Naturally multi-day wedding

For weddings further away you’ll have to add on petrol costs or flights and 2 nights in a hotel. A ball parc figure for this in Europe is around 500-600€.


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