Belly dancing, sound proof babies, propellor dads, paint, and Duracell kids

Let’s face it, for a wedding photographer weddings are like the Groundhog day: everything is the same and yet every time things are different. Laura & David’s pre-wedding henna party organized by Alex Cowell from Spirit Azur on the beach was on a completely different level though….

Judge for yourself.

A movie-themed wedding in the Provence

What happens if the queen of Aces from Alice in Wonderland (the bride) and Django Unchained (the groom) invite Batman, the Joker, Braveheart, and the Mignons to a wedding in the Provence? Take a look at the video or the images below to discover for yourself!

Un mariage retro dans un village médiéval

Le mariage de Julie et Guillaume était tout sauf un mariage classique. Ils avaient eu un coup de coeur pour le village médiéval d’Entrevaux dans la montagne, ils ont donc choisi de s’unir là-bas. Pour ajouter un peu de piment …

Des photos fiançailles aux îles des Lérins

Les photos fiançailles d’Amandine et Stéphane était dans une cadre féerique et avec plein de rire ! Quel contrast de partir de la folie de Cannes pendant le festival de film et prendre le bateau d’un ami (i.e., le capitaine) pour arriver 15 minutes plus tard sur l’île de Saint Honorât avec sa calme et beauté.

Wedding on the Prom in Nice

Laura is Laura and there’s nobody else like her. When they discussed her dress and that it shouldn’t be too classic white she decided to go black instead! Her dress is one of our all-time favorites! Combined with the height she was definitely an amazing sight to behold on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

Wedding pictures of Emilie & Yohann

View the pictures The gallery contains the pictures of the event and prints can be ordered here as well. The password is known by the bride and groom. Order the DVD Order a DVD here to receive all pictures in high-resolution. These images can be used to make prints or to make a personalised album.…