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The wedding of Chiara and Charlie

The wedding of Chiara and Charlie


Chiara and her smile, she just doesn’t seem to live life without that smile of hers!

Congratulations to Chiara and Charlie for having pulled off a wonderfully relaxed wedding where they made my work 100x easier: when everybody is out having fun and there’s no stress then 1/2 of my work is already done! You guys rocked and it was amazing to see such a reunion of people from all those locations around the world.

In my never-ending quest to make best out of weddings and the photography I’ve decided to start showing video slide show instead of static images. It’s a little surprise for the them and I love how it really brings things to life and how it becomes more emotional! Let me know what you think and I’m always up for song recommendations!

Ceremony location: Correns, Provence, France
Hair: Naëlia (Il était une fois)
Make-up: Naëlia (Il était une fois)
Cocktail and evening venue: Chateau des Apras, Correns, Provence, France


By Robin Groenevelt

Robin is the main photographer, ice-cream lover, full of energy, and is quite simply not capable of sitting down and doing nothing. When he's not out with his camera he's with his family and two kids, busy with outdoor sports, exploring the beautiful French Riviera and the Provence, or trying to rock a baby back to sleep again in the middle of the night.

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Congratulations to Chiara and Charlie, Wow! What a nice couple. Wishing them a very happy married life. The wedding venue is amazing, the dress of the bride so gorgeous. It is obvious that the ceremony was so successful because the smile of the bride tells that. Robin Groenevelt, Good and professional work. Image video slide looks like a good innovation. Thanks for sharing.

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