Robin Groenevelt



Robin’s a sucker for emotions and loves creating eye-quenching special moments. He’s usually the first one to cry, even before the mother of the bride.

Loves ice-cream

Loves animals & kids

Runs on Duracell batteries


Intelligence isn’t his strongest point. It took him two Masters’ degrees and a PhD in mathematics and computer science, 15 years of working in banks, universities, research institutes, consultancy firms, and

Numerous inventions and patents,

He’s true in his heart: he follows his dreams and passion, turning down offers to work for Facebook and Google in order to keep home in the sunny French Riviera with all of it’s exquisite nature (i.e., mountains, sea, and forests).

The speed with which things happen at wedding and



Smiles come from the heart and not when asked for. Hence there are no “posed” shots, but instead let’s create special moments and situations that bring along amazing memories (and pictures).


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SWhen he’s not out taking pictures he can be found playing in the mountains, in the forest, in the sea, with his children, or with animals. Florence still has a hope he’ll grow up but secretly knows he never really will and that that’s one of the things she loves about him..

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Doing nothing
Solving problems


Phone number:
+33 (6) 50189205