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A dream wedding in Norway


A dream wedding in Norway

How it all started

Some people dream of things, but those dreams just remain dreams. Trim dreams of (amazing) things and makes them happen. He is therefore without doubt one of the most extraordinary people you could ever meet.

He first contacted us telling us how he’d love to do something special and propose to his Jeannette on the French Riviera in a very special location. After some exchanges of emails Eze was chosen and he popped the magic question there to an un-expecting Jeannette who ended up being dazed with a what-just-happened feeling. You can read more about this photo journalistic documentation of this event here. When Jeannette & Trim and I had to say goodbye to one another it was with a pang of sorrow since our time together had been thoroughly enjoyable and felt like parting ways with very good friends I’d know for years.

[/vc_column_text][dt_fancy_image image_id=”6032″ width=”1000″][vc_column_text]A few weeks later (when Jeannette could start talking again) they called me back asking if I’d like to fly to Norway and document their wedding. This time it was my turn to remain speechless. Well, except for the “DEFINITELY YES!!!” that is. I would be an honor and with great pleasure to be part of the adventurous road they started traveling on.


The wedding

So here we are many months later near the picturesque Kristiansand and getting ready with the preparations. The first thing that stands out is the atmosphere at the hair dresser. Everyone is laughing, incredibly friendly, the bridesmaids opened a bottle of champagne, and there’s a relaxed vide hanging in the air. 100% no stress.

A little while later, with the guests installed, Jeannette walks towards an eager Trim for the start of their ceremony. This was one of the most touching moments of the day. It’s touching seeing someone as confident and outgoing as Trim become all nervous and mushy as he sees the woman of his dreams walk towards him.[/vc_column_text][dt_photos_masonry padding=”10″ column_width=”900″ columns=”1″ number=”100″ orderby=”title” order=”asc” category=”wed-jean-ceremony”][vc_column_text]When one of the guests started playing live music the other guests (and myself as well) had our turn at becoming all mushy.[/vc_column_text][dt_photos_masonry padding=”10″ column_width=”900″ columns=”1″ number=”100″ orderby=”title” order=”asc” category=”wed-jean-emotions”][vc_column_text]What was special about their wedding?

Without doubt the admiration Trim has for Jeannette and their contact together. I simply lost count of the number of sideways glances he gave in her direction. On top of the that the family and friends were amongst the friendliest and most inviting I’m ever come across. Actually everyone there was extremely friendly and smiling, be it the hair dresser, the hotel staff, or the catering company. It really felt like being part of it all (which is terms helps a lot when taking pictures). The atmosphere was wonderfully relaxed with a no rush, no stress, let’s-just-enjoy-this approach.[/vc_column_text][dt_photos_masonry padding=”10″ column_width=”900″ columns=”1″ number=”100″ orderby=”title” order=”asc” category=”wed-jean-glance”][vc_column_text]What was the biggest challenge as a photographer?

Right when their first dance was about to begin the DJ decided to turn off all lights. Although external flashes add light and focusing is possible in the dark, it’s still not ideal since your’e literally shooting in the dark (and it’s my job to deliver great images no matter what the situation). Some quick panicking gave the idea of asking the guests to turn on the flashlights on their phones. This won a couple of seconds allowing me to put my own lighting into place, it gave some light which helped me and the camera to see what was going on, and it added some nice sparkly lights in the background.

The night shot under the tree (the first image at the top of this blog) can be challenging but once you’ve figured out the tricks for working and focussing in the dark and how to remotely position and control flashes it’s actually surprising easy to setup.

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Can we see some more images?

Sure! More pictures are down below and the link to their password protected gallery is here.


What was the toughest part?

Saying goodbye to them again.


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