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Destination wedding in the Chateau de Berne

Destination wedding are great, especially in the Provence in the Chateau de Berne with everything organized! A smaller group of friends and family helps to enjoy the moments even more! An airline that doesn’t allow the dress to go as hand luggage, hhmmm, apparently not much choice there. The suitcase with the dress getting lost…..

A call-for-help message on Facebook page up with 3 dresses being offered by former brides in the right size! Luckily these were not necessary as her Danny’s wedding dress showed up 2 hours before the wedding! After that everything was smooth sailing and pure enjoyment the way a wedding should be: quality time with friends and family, a gorgeous ceremony underneath a flowered arch, a beautiful venue with vineyards and olive trees, an intimate dinner, and most importantly of all, a very happily married bride and groom.

Wedding location: Chateau de Berne, Lorgues, France

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