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Belly dancing, sound proof babies, propellor dads, paint, and Duracell kids


8 Things you don’t get to photographe every day

Let’s face it, for a wedding photographer weddings are like the Groundhog day: everything is the same and yet every time things are different. Laura & David’s pre-wedding henna party organized by Alex Cowell from Spirit Azur on the beach was on a completely different level though….

  • Sound-proof ventilated babies. Brilliant.
  • Bellydancing can be really awesome. This woman and her hip movements were really captivating.
  • Dad dressed up in Moroccan outfit while flying his drone. I couldn’t help wondering if his hat would also take off at one moment.
  • Megaphones & moms combine very well to make very effective announcements.
  • Moroccan & Jewish & French & English things and people make an interesting mix. These categories are not mutually exclusive.
  • Little kids run on Duracell batteries.
  • Henna painting is a fun activity for guests.
  • Bare feet in the sand beats shoes any day

Judge for yourself by looking at the pictures below.

Congratulations and thanks to Alex Cowell from Spirit Azur for having created this amazing and beautiful environment. After having set me up to take pictures in the dark and in a sandy environment I accept your next challenge (in the air or underwater).

Laura & David, your family and friends and spirit for life are amazing!


Then there was the decoration and location that were spectacular: on the beach in Cannes (French Riviera) and with the henna / Maraccan-theme organized by Alex Cowell from Spirit Azur. When Alex gets involved you know things will look beautiful.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][dt_photos_masonry padding=”10″ column_width=”900″ columns=”1″ number=”30″ orderby=”title” order=”asc” category=”laura-david”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Their password protected wedding gallery can be found here.


Wedding planner: Alex Cowell, Spirit Azur

Venue & restaurant: Meama plage, Cannes[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]